If you’ve been following my progress so far, the first thing you’ll notice today, is that this is starting to look like a real website with a logo and everything. As soon as I added the logo to the site, it became painfully obvious what this site has been since July: a blog of my occasionally spouting off about starting-a-business headaches. And it is time to turn it into a full-fledged Food Truck Site Supreme — but if you happen to visit the site within a few days of when this post was published, I apologize for anything weird that looks like it needs to be fixed. It does. I’m working on it.

For the logo, I worked with a talented local graphic designer named Adrian Sanders to create a logo that has a lot of pig and just a little attitude…and of course, my undying love of the ’80s.

What do the 1980s have to do with some of the best pork in Seattle? Nothing! But it’s my logo and you’ve got to have a design aesthetic, so that’s the one I’m going with! Right now everything below the website header is pretty plain, but don’t worry…more neon colors are coming soon. I’m thinking hot pink bacon is a must.

More exciting things are afoot, we are working with a couple local breweries and one of my favorite Seattle beer bars to launch the truck at this summer. Stay tuned, good things are happening and delicious food is coming!

In the meantime, here’s a little A E S T H E T I C inspiration for you.