Once Swine and Steel is up and running, this site will probably look more like that of a normal food truck: menu items, hours, locations…all that, but until then I think I’ll share with the deep void that is the internet all that is going into the setup.

The last few months have been a slow ramp up of figuring out all the legal hurdles I’d need to jump while working on recipes in my kitchen. I’ve been making the kind of food I like to eat: big, meaty sandwiches. Piles of pulled pork, fresh crispy bread. It’s been delicious, but do you know how much meat comes off of a pork shoulder? A lot.

So recently, I’ve told my friends they’re going to be helping me beta test recipes, as it turns out I just can’t eat 5-10 pounds of meat a day, no mater how savory. Plus, they should be able to give me more diverse feedback than just me saying aloud “a little more spice.”