Have you ever felt burnt out and just wanted to go eat delicious food and drink a nice cold beer? I did. So I started my own business, Swine and Steel on the following idea: Pulled pork is delicious, bacon is delicious, ham’s not half-bad either.

Swine and Steel is a Pig-focused food truck coming soon to Seattle, WA. Once it’s up and running, visit your favorite brewery, then with any luck (and a lot of paperwork) you’ll be able to get a big, meaty sandwich from me.

Tune in to this site for updates on the progress or follow Swine and Steel on Twitter and instagram @swineandsteel

I know, I know…this is a beef rib. Catering options will be different from food truck options…will it include beef ribs? Maybe, this is just the day I registered the Web site, more info to come soon.