On the train today to check out another food truck. I wanted to make a pun about it for the title of this post, but Guy Fieri seems to have ruined the phrase “flavortown” — so bear with me and my generic, off-brand tasteville…though if I successfully buy a truck, I’ll be going to margaritaville to celebrate.

Pretty hopeful about this one. While Seattle has a handful of food trucks, Portland is the intergalactic capitol of food trucks, so when looking for a good deal on a used truck, I’ve been looking down there. I mean, I’ve been looking in Seattle too, there just haven’t been many in the last few months that I’ve been ready to buy.

The problem with Portland is that a lot of their trucks aren’t even close to Washington standards, so they won’t pass inspection here. I was in Portland just last weekend (about a 3.5 hr drive) looking at a few trucks — none of them would work in Washington.

Luckily, today’s truck isn’t nearly as far away as Portland…it’s a whole 2 miles closer in Vancover, Wa.

More importantly, it’s already licensed as a food truck in Washington — that is both as a truck with the DMV and as a food truck with L&I. This should save me a lot of time and worry about whether or not I can get it going in Washington.

The guy selling is moving into a brick and mortar restaurant, and has been very accommodating…he’s even picking me up at the train station in the truck so I don’t have to take a cab or Lyft there (never Uber!). While it’s only a couple miles closer than Portland, it’s a world away from the first truck I tried to see in Portland, where after confirming earlier in the week, the guy (knowing I as coming all the way from Seattle) didn’t show up at his own place of business, didn’t answer calls or texts, and had a full voicemail ಠ_ಠ

The photos look promising, the seller seems like a decent person, and it’s got an insignia, wish me luck!